Occupy Central

28-9-2014 1519  A Protester is passing by the line of defence police formed at the junction of Lung Wo Road and Lung Wui Road28-9-2014 1746 Police officers are inspecting the situation at Lung Wui Street28-9-2014 1820 Police officers are ready with their mask on, Most of the Protesters with theirs on too28-9-2014 1602  A citizen is smoking taking and watching in Servicemen's Guides Association28-9-2014 1829 Protesters open their umbrella to try to hold their line of defence28-9-2014 1542  Police at the back of their line of defence at Lung Wui Road29-9-2014 1844 Lee Cheuk Yan talking with his cell in front of the stage outside Legco.29-9-2014 1849 The Back of Chan Kin Man doing an interview with the print True Universal Suffrage on his T-shirt29-9-2014 1925 Chan Kin Man is gazing into the streets full of protesters29-9-2014 1848 Inside-out umberllas attached on barricades with 689 labels outside of Legco.


Occupy Central.

Trying to capture some moments of the event.


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