Toilet Fan

1/1 Toilet fan in early morning

Light on wall2/1 When the sunlight hit the wall of my room through the gaps between the curtains

Platform3/1 Crosses on the platform

Light through Balcony4/1 The light through the balcony into my home

In the Street of Central5/1 In the street of Central, the major financial district of Hong Kong

Rusty Pipes6/1 Light and Pipes

Children in the park7/1 Children playing in the park

Fluorescent and graffiti8/1 Fluorescent and graffiti

Girl with her toy car9/1 Little girl with her toy car

Light and Bench10/1 Tree and Bench

Working on sunday11/1 Working on sunday

Dying Fish12/1 Dying Fish

Apartment Grid13/1 Construction within grid

Wallon 35th Floor14/1 Fluorescent and light

Outside the train station15/1 Outside the train station

Beneath the pool16/1 Bottom of the pool

Child and Balloon17/1 In a memorial event, a child is staring at a balloon flower which is a prize of a lucky draw

Resident in Tai O18/1 Resident in Tai O

Cables and Lamp19/1 Cables and lamp

Light and elevator20/1 Light and elevator

Light and socket21/1 Light and socket

Near the Road22/1 Near the road

Under the Bridge 223/1 Under the bridge

Two Indians24/1 Two Indians

Old man on wheel chair, kids playing and slide25/1 Old man on wheelchair, kids playing and playground facilities

Grandma dyeing hair26/1 Mom is dyeing grandma’s hair for her

Afternoon in the park27/1 Afternoon in the park

Turtle28/1 Turtle at home

Lines29/1 Lines

Flowers near iron fence30/1 Flowers and iron fence

Three boys playing31/1 Three boys playing


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