Week #6

TIBET-10184This is a portrait entitled “Tibet” by the famous portrait photographer Steve McCurry. The overall composition is visually attractive because of the contrast between the color of the background and the color of the person’s clothes. Such contrast makes viewers to focus on the background at first glance which gives hints to viewers something about the subject. Moreover, this approach also shows the local culture like the local architecture and decorations which provides more information of the subject.

The facial expression is also important in a portrait. In this photo, the subject is thinking like he is not sure about something. It makes viewers wonder about the story behind.

Afghan GirlThis is one of the most recognizable portraits also by Steve McCurry entitled “Afghan Girl”. Despite that the color of this image is less rich than the one above, there is a subtler color contrast between green and red in the tone of pastel. This combination attracts viewers visually.

Moreover, the expression of this girl is where you look at immediately. She looks like she is scared of something and the eyesight is penetrating, in my opinion.

The light the photographer used maybe window light as it hits the skin smoothly, barely showing the details of the skin. The soft light also desaturated the clothes a bit as the crimson and green appears to be less sharp I think.


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