Week #1

2 color lighting

This is a photo illustrating the way of creating a moody effect using 2 light source. I liked the edgy feeling this photo gives me.

The photographer put a lamp covered with red and blue filters on both sides of the model. The blue and red color coming from the sides make the middle part in between look black. This black line helps defining the figure of the model while separating the two colors in contrast. I think this photo can be achieved with little photoshop used and the outcome looks good.

Original Image

Beneath my feet

This is a photo which caught my eyes at first glance.

First of all, the idea is interesting.

The outcome looks satisfying as well, as a matter of fact, it is quite obvious that it is photoshoped. I think the part which the shadow and the water ripples overlapped appears seamless. And the first thing came to mind is how does she make it?

I thought maybe liquefy and then I was thinking. Can I do it another way? What if I took two photos, one with me standing there (with the shadow), and the other without me (just the shoe) and then put together those two in photoshop. I wonder how would that looks like.

Original Image


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