Week #10

acearchieThis is a double exposure image by acearchie. This is a combination of two images, one a landscape photograph and the other a portrait. I like this combination because it looks natural. The landscape and portrait images may look unrelated to each other, but when overlapped with each other, the overall image looks appealing.

Moreover, I think the image looks good that the photographer kept the face of the model. It creates a point of focus for audiences. The landscape image behind is like the skin of the model it is also like a space for audience to think.

Jon DuenasThe second image I have chosen is also a double exposure photo but this one does not show the face of the model, instead it outlines the silhouette of the face. Comparing to the one above, I think this one looks less attractive because it does not have a focus for audiences. I think, in a double exposure image, the selection of which images overlaying which is the key. In the image below, it would be better if the photographer shows us more of the model’s face. It will be create another layer within the photograph that I think will enhance the image as a whole.


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