Week #11

6277395099_62017477b5_bI chose two fast-shutter-speed photos for this journal entry. The one above is about a fist hitting the surface of the water. The moment is so fast that it makes the circumstance for photo-shooting more constrained. The photographer must shoot this picture in a well-lit situation to compensate the fast shutter speed. I think the light source in this picture is at the bottom of the water tank. Whereas this image must have been rotated so that the water is at the right side of the photo without spilling out. So, the camera is set at the side of the water tank while the light is at one side of the tank.

Marcel_Christ_FloremIllusio2The second photo is by Marcel Christ which is also a fast-shutter-speed image. Similar to the image above, the photographer throw an object into the water and then capture the movement of the water. However, this image put some water color or acrylic color in the water. I think the photographer needed to thicken the liquid to have that rich effect. Moreover, i think this one used photoshop to cut the redundant part replacing it with a gradient background. I think the color combination is great this way, and the splash of color does stand out.


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