Week #12

lincoln harrison 1I chose two images by Lincoln Harrison. They are long exposure landscape images. Both of them capture the trail of the stars and that is why a slow shutter speed is used which is to capture the movement track of the stars in a single image. I think the way it captures the stars looks beautiful. The star trail creates a natural optical illusion which is really eye-catching, so as the color of it. The circles of blue and yellow light looks good by themselves but they look better with the landscape below. The matching colors create a even deeper image overall.

meander-valley-2d lincoln harrisonSimilarly, the one below is also a long-exposure image. I think this one exposed for a shorter period of time because the star trails are shorter. Personally, I prefer the image above because the longer star trails which creates a sky that has more of a time travelling feel. The color of the star trails also look more intense because of it. Furthermore, I think the landscape below the star trails is also affects how the image looks as a whole. If the color and texture of that landscape matches the overall outcome I think will also be better. For instance, the long-exposed sky matches better with the long-exposed sea because ,in my opinion, the textures, silky water and beams of light, match better.


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