Week #13


The two images I have chosen is by Dennis Wojtkiewicz. They are close up of citrus fruits. I think the one above is an ordinary grapefruit, but when it was shot in a close-up angle it looks different. The photographer put the light source at the back of the citrus fruit. It enhances the texture of the flesh of the fruit. It forms lines that look interesting. Because of the back lighting, the colors are more saturated. Moreover, the image overall offers a different perspective to look at a grapefruit.


This image below is also an image of a citrus fruit, maybe a lemon. However, comparing it with the one above, I think it looks less appealing because of the lighting. I think the light source is put in a position more in front then the first. Therefore, it does not create an effect of crystal-like flesh of fruit making the texture of the fruit with less contrast and a color of less saturation.

dennis-wojtkiewicz-13I want to show one more image in this entry. I think the color and the lighting and the background worked well in this image. How the back light hit on the strawberry does emphasize on the texture and color of it. The gradient background also works well to have another layer of color to make the strawberry stands out.


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