Week #3

Colorado, 1955 Elliot ErwittThis is a photo by Elliot Erwitt which is named after where he shot the photo “USA. Colorado. 1955”. The boy in the photo is looking through a cracked window while the crack is right in front of one of his eyes making it a perfect composition. It creates a sense of surrealism. The crack on the eye is a coincidence almost like it is staged. The photographer captured the scene at the right time, “to be at the right moment at the right time”.

The window light on the face of the boy is barely enough to light his face maybe a little bit of underexposed too. The light through the glass is soft enough to make the face a little bit blurred. It loses some finer details of the face which helps to establish the mood of the picture.

Michele ClementThis is a picture from Michele Clement. The photographer cleverly use the glass of water on the model. The face of the model is separated by the refraction of her own face, it created an optical illusion like part of the face is sliding away.

The face of the model is well lit from both sides, as the details of it is quite clear and there are neither shadowed part nor highlighted part on the face. The lighting from both sides can be observed from the strips of light near the bottom of the glass that the lights are put in front of the model (maybe near the side of the camera).

The reflection of the glass and model are also shown on the marble table quite clearly. It brings a sense of visual stimulation to audience as there are two focuses in one image.


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