Week #4

Picture 35This is a photo by a Japanese photographer Kenji Aoki. I like this shot because of its simplicity. The color in general and the match between the background and the object are simple yet cohesive. The light grey and dark grey at the back matches the matte surface of the fork and spoon.

I think soft light source is being used in this photography from the upper left as it appears from the direction of the highlight and shadow. Moreover, I think the photographer may have also used a soft reflector at the opposite side to diminish the size of the shadow of the objects.

Overall, I like the matte texture of the image as a whole created by the photographer.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 8.40.17 PMThis is a photo by Kazuha Matsumoto. It is a commercial shot for cosmetic of a famous brand. I like the composition of this shot overall. Similar to the one above, the photographer used a matte background but this time pastel pink and pastel blue which create a subtle visual contrast. Such color tone also matches with the colors of the lipsticks and the matte texture of the cosmetics shown. Comparing to the grayscale contrast on the above, this photo seems more playful too.

Moreover, I think each of the cosmetic pieces are shot separately and combined later in post production software because of the way the cosmetics are overlaid despite that the light source hitting on the cosmetics are from the same direction. Comparing to the photo above, the shadows of this photo are harder and the edges are also clearer which are hints for a harder light source.


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