Week #5


This is a commercial shot by Bjorn Lofterud. I like the way he took this image because it is simple yet clear. It is clear that his photo is the advertisement of this bottle of grapefruit and lemon drink. The combination of the bottle, the leaf and the grapefruit gives its viewers the appropriate amount of color stimulation making a clear impression of the product immediately.

Moreover, this photo is clearly a Post-produced image. The Bottle, the leaf, the grapefruit, the water and the bubbles are all added into the light blue background afterwards.

Artipelag-pic-nic-56161x_o Artipelag-pic-nic-56149x_oThis is another commercial shot by Bjorn Lofterud. This time is a set of utensils by a designer shop. I like the matte texture of the photos. The backdrop and the lighting play heir role in creating such effect.

The backdrop is light gray which balanced the black and white utensils in a matte-textured shot. The light should be coming from the same side of the camera only slightly above it. It should also be put behind a soft box as the shadow of the utensils seem to be blurry. The utensils should also be put on the ground for this perspective of shooting.

In general, I like how the photographer create a matte-texture for the object he is shooting.


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