Week #8

woman-holding-mirror-on-grass-reflection laura williamsThis is a photo taken by Laura Williams. I like this photograph because it has a photoshop-created effect despite the fact that it is achieved without using photoshop. The garden’s reflection on the mirror just fits the horizon of the garden making it look realistic. The composition of the image is good too. The photographer used the mirror as the body of the model, working with the body language and expression of the model together, creating an atmosphere of the girl trying to hide from something. In addition, the light is soft from the left making the figure of the model stands out while keeping the skin looks silky which enhances the dreamy mood in the picture.

chants-field-mirror-2-by-alex-baker-photographyThe other photograph I want to show is another mirror reflection type of photograph. Using similar techniques, however, the effect of this photo is less successful comparing to the one above. There are three aspects which, I think, result in their differences. Firstly, the light of this photo is less intense comparing to the first photo maybe it is because of the natural lighting in this photograph. Secondly, the expression of this model and the mood of the picture sort of not matches exactly. Thirdly, the reflection in the mirror is slightly bluer than the original sky.


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