Week #9

Random Inspiration 1I like the combination of the texture of two parts of waves because, by framing the sea this way, it gives a different perspective for the audience. It seems like the sea becomes a flat surface and make the sea looks different from the original sea that we look at it usually. Moreover, the light from the side enhances the contrast and texture of the sea. If the light hits the waves directly from above the image will lose its contrast and therefore making the texture of the waves less intense which diminishes the overall effect. By making it monochrome, it make us focus on the texture of the wave.

Random Inspiration 2Similar to the above image, I like the idea of making an image looks flat. I think, to achieve such a effect, it is partly because of the gradient-like color of the mountains and partly because of the arrays of irregular lines. Both aspects make the image look pattern alike. The light is also from the side, the right, like the one above. Other than giving the image a boost of contrast, it also highlights the silhouette of the mountains that draw the irregular lines in the image.


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